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Atlas Paper Company, a privately owned corporation, is located in a 35,000 square foot warehouse in
Woburn, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 1920 and presently has fourth generation family working
here. The paper distribution business is quite different from the beginnings in 1920. Today we
offer a broad range of both paper and plastic products to varied markets such as retail clothing stores,
specialty stores, food chains, museums, jewelry stores and recreational stores. The nature of today's
business dictates that most of today's packaging is custom made and custom quoted. There is very little
'off-the-shelf' packaging available for the specific demands of today's end users.

We presently service over 2,000 accounts with over 2,500 shipping addresses from our warehouse in
Woburn, Massachusetts. Our experienced sales personnel are available to work with you on any
packaging project, from brown paper bags printed in one color to plastic bags printed in 8 colors.
Your inquiry is important to us.

Our Team

Dave Cohen

Dave Cohen, President
Phone: 781-376-6130

Mike Finn

Michael Finn, Vice-President
Phone: 781-376-6121

David Cohen currently serves as president and director of
Atlas Paper Company. He started working at the company
as a Northeastern University co-op student in 1962. After
graduating with his degree in Marketling he has been
working at Atlas for almost 60 years and has shown
leadership in all aspects of his work. When not at work, Dave
loves spending time with his family and reading books.

MIke Finn is a third-generation partner here at Atlas Paper
Company. After graduating from the Universithy of North
Carolina, Mike began working in the warehouse filling
orders and eventually worked his way up to become one of
the company's top salesmen. He adds drive, responsibility,
and professionalism to the company. He enjoys umpiring
baseball games in his free time.

Jeff Cohen

Jeff Cohen, Vice-President
Phone: 781-376-6143

Dave Wasserman

Dave Wasserman, Vice-President

in memoriam (1959-2021)

Jeff Cohen is a vice-president, as well as a salesman, at
Atlas Paper Company. He is one of the company's top
salesmen with many accounts. He began working here
in 1988 after graduating from North Adams State College
with a degree in marketing. In his free time, Jeffrey enjoys
being with his wife and three children, playing solitaire,
and watching movies.

Dave Wasserman started his career at Atlas Paper
Company as a co-op student from Northeastern University.
He demonstrated great leadership in servicing many
national accounts with locations around the globe. Dave
helped bring Atlas Paper Company to a new level with his
creativity and incredible sales abiltiy. He brought laughter,
effective communication, and motivation to the company.

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